Performance Exercise Series: The Valslide Hand Walk

Performance Coach Justin Moore demonstrates Valslide hand walks.

Valslide hand walks are a brutal anti-rotation and anti-extension exercise that will develop and activate the core. This movement activates the anterior core and glutes, improves shoulder stability, and develops stability throughout the entire torso. Valslide hand walks can be performed as one component of a dynamic warm-up or as an accessory exercise toward the end of a workout.

To perform Valslide hand walks, begin in a push-up position with a Valslide or furniture slider under each toe. Establish a neutral spine position and activate your anterior core. Next, activate your glutes and lock your legs, effectively creating a straight body position that should be maintained throughout the movement. Walk your hands forward one at a time at a slow/moderate pace, maintaining a neutral spine position throughout the movement. Also, make sure your arms remain straight, pushing through the ground with each “step.” Repeat for 2-4 sets of 10-20 yards. To increase the difficulty of the exercise, vary the direction you walk, (I.e. Backward/laterally).

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