Performance Exercise Series: Bulgarian Bag Spin & Spin and Drag

Performance Coach Justin Moore demonstrates the Bulgarian Bag Spin and the Bulgarian Bag Spin and Drag.

Both are high-intensity conditioning exercises that will build strength, stability, and endurance of the core. In addition to core development, the Bulgarian Bag spin will help to improve shoulder stability and mobility while developing grip and cardiovascular endurance. The key is to maintain a tight and stable core position throughout the entire movement, resisting the rotation and pull of the bag. To perform these movements grasp each end of the bag and drag it across the body. Immediately punch your outside hand down and your inside hand over the top, mimicking the motion of putting a cape on as the bag passes around your head. Keep your hand and forearm as close to your head as you can. Continue the bag’s momentum around your head and drag is powerfully down and back across your body to transition to the next spin. To add the drag, simply transition from the spin immediately into a reach, not allowing the bag to pull you forward. Powerfully pull the bag back the other direction into a spin. Perform timed bouts of high intensity timed spins or sets of 10-15 in each direction.

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