Jake Masini

December Athlete of the Month

Name: Jake Masini
Age: 16
School: Prairie Ridge HIgh School
Sports: Baseball, Football
Why I train at Parabolic: At Parabolic I get a customized workout plan designed for me, and I train with coaches who can immediately answer my questions or address my concerns. I hope to play baseball at the collegiate level.

Elani Nanos

November Athlete of the Month

Name: Elani Nanos
Age: 13
School: Immanuel Lutheran School, Crystal Lake
Sports: Basketball, Volleyball, Cross Country
Why I train at Parabolic: I thought it would be a great way to get stronger in all my sports and to help me make the basketball team in high school.

Mike Hackworthy

October Athlete of the Month

Name: Mike Hackworthy
Age: 53
Weekend Warrior
Sport: Ski/Bike/Surf
Why I train at Parabolic: I want to stay in peak shape so I can continue living the active lifestyle that I enjoy.

Aaron Cufr

September Athlete of the Month

Name: Aaron Cufr
Age: 17
School: Rockford Christian Academy
Sport: Basketball
Why I train at Parabolic: I needed to increase my vertical jump and gain more lean muscle mass.

Paige Berkmeyer

August Athlete of the Month

Name: Paige Berkmeyer
Age: 14
School: Huntley High School
Illinois Chill Softball
Sport: Softball

Alexa Pretkelis

July Athlete of the Month

Name: Alexa Pretkelis
Age: 18
School: Endicott College; Prairie Ridge High School
Sport: Ice Hockey
Future Plans: Attend Endicott College and major in mathematics
Why I train at Parabolic: The organized and professional environment at Parabolic pushed me to get better over time. I currently have the record for the highest box jump with a 10lb vest.

Nick Jasinski

June Athlete of the Month

Name: Nick Jasinski
Age: 17
School: Crystal Lake Central High School
Mundelein Swim Club
Sport: Swimming
Why I train at Parabolic: To improve my performance.

Zach Turner

May Athlete of the Month

Name: Zach Turner
Age: 18
School: Marian Central Catholic High School
Sport: Football
Future Plans: Will attend St. Ambrose University in Fall 2017 on a football scholarship
Why I train at Parabolic: “My goal is to start on the St. Ambrose team as soon as possible and to dominate every other player. Parabolic gives me the resources and dedicated staff to be able to achieve both of these goals.”

Avery and Brynn Kleich

April Athletes of the Month

Names: Avery and Brynn Kleich
Ages: 11
School: Crystal Lake Montessori School
Sport: Swimming
Future Plans: Become regional, state, national and Olympic swimmers
Why they train at Parabolic: To get stronger and faster in swimming and create new swimming records.

March Athletes of the Month

Names: Mackenzie Nelson, Allie Klauser, Madison Dennis, Molly Wacaser
Ages: 12 and 13
School: Hannah Beardsley Middle School
Sport: Basketball
Future Plans: Keep getting stronger in the different sports played
Why they train at Parabolic: To get stronger and faster in the sports they play and to earn a spot on these teams.

Brad Kohler

February Athlete of the Month

Name: Brad Kohler
Age: 18
School: Woodstock North High School
Sport: Track, Soccer, Football
Future Plans: Attend a 4-year university and major in biology
Why I train at Parabolic: To improve my times in the 100 and 200 meter dash and hope to return to the state meet this upcoming season.