Controlling the Kettlebell During the Swing

By Parabolic Team
Aug 19, 2016

One of the most important elements in kettlebell lifting is controlling the path the bell takes. Since most of the lifts are ballistic, once the weight is moving its going to keep going in whatever direction you send it, which in lifts like the swing and snatch is away from your body due to powerful hip extension. Thus, it is critical for the lifter to learn to manipulate the path of the bell while it’s “in flight”.

In this video Performance Coach John Martin demonstrates 3 different lifting techniques to help prevent the bell from “getting away from the lifter” after hip extension in the swing, each of which has its own situation benefits.

Please keep in mind that all lifting techniques and exercises are not applicable to all individuals and drills/techniques should be selected based upon an athlete’s needs and body mechanics.

Parabolic Team

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