Three Ways to Make Pushups More Challenging

Mar 27, 2017
When it comes to bang for your buck exercises, it’s difficult to beat the pushup.  Nearly every client who walks through the doors of Parabolic will, at some point during his or her time with us, learn to execute the pushup with a high level of technical proficiency, and an understanding that it is as valuable a tool as there is in the quest for a bigger, stronger, healthier and more resilient upper body. The benefits of a well-executed pushup...
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The Top 4 Shoulder Stability Exercises You Aren’t Doing… Yet

Dec 12, 2016
We need reflexive stability and proper joint positioning to express true savagery.  Incorporate these four exercises into your training or movement prep to develop stable, fully integrated shoulders capable of moving big weight. What You Need To Know Reflexive stability of the shoulder and mobility of the scapula are vital to maintaining long-term shoulder health and optimizing athletic performance.  Like any other joint, the shoulder requires a delicate balance of mobility and stability in order to function properly.  Development and...
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