Get Your Power Back After An Injury!

Nov 13, 2016
Are you having trouble regaining your quick first step following an injury? Do you consistently struggle to produce force with one shoulder? Is there a reason why a recent study shows that only 55-70% of athlete’s recovering from ACL Reconstruction do not return to competitive sport (Ardern et al 2014.) I believe that a common reason is that much of today’s current rehabilitation model doesn’t ask an athlete to challenge his or her nervous system in the way necessary to...
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Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Sep 23, 2016
The way in which physical therapist are performing soft tissue mobilization or massage has changed recently. A growing number of physical therapists are moving towards IASTM, or instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. This entails using some sort of hard edged instrument made of metal, plastic or ceramic in order to apply a force to soft tissue in an attempt to increase the body’s healing response. The tools provide advantages for both patient and therapist. They provide palpable feedback as they...
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